Who we are


The desire to improve is only half the recipe for change and growth. Most businesses find it challenging to engage outside resources. Realizing the process can be overwhelming, time consuming and costly, Mark and Lisa decided to build their own team to deliver and empower change. Providing resources, networking and solutions Gateway Consulting & Coaching, LLC was formed to help individuals and business work on the business as well as in it. Through a discovery process GCC identifies systems and tools that will help organizations navigate their teams through change. GCC provides the foundational keys that  every business can benefit from, then partner with their team on implementation.

01. Strategic

Our team has diverse experience. We all come from different backgrounds and experience. Our commonality is our ability to gain perspective and think strategically to support our clients.

02. Professional

Our values go beyond the usual professional standards. Creating relationships and making sure we are the right fit for you is our goal. We role model the professional behaviors that matters.


During the engagement you’ll experience the synergy of our team. We like each other, we love the work we collaborate on, and we enjoy bringing that same energy to your organization.

Consultants and Partners

A Team Of Professionals

Lisa Sears, MSM, CAPP


Lisa Sears helps people show up in the world at their best. She is a capacity coach, accountability partner and resiliency teacher. With over 20 years of experience as a leader she coaches small business owners, sales associates, non-profit organizations and individuals in the fundamental skills necessary for positive productive engagement. For more information about Lisa click here.

Mark J. Modzeleski, CFS, AIF, CFBS


Mark is proud to be both the president and founder of Legacy Wealth Advisors of NY a financial services firm working with small businesses, families and individuals with a particular interest in Agriculture. Since 2000 Mark has partnered and worked to support businesses and families to help them achieve their version of success.   Mark brings positive actionable progress to projects and works to help people find balance between what needs to be done and what they’d like to be doing. For more information on Mark click here.

Jennifer Daily

Systems and Administration

Jennifer is a systems and process person. She like to listen, observe and help others by sharing ideas. Jennifer has a background in low-income housing, insurance and medical office admistration. She values her close relationships with family, friends and coworkers. Jennifer lives in Bridgeport, NY with her husband John. She has two children, Amber and Jonathan. Jennifer enjoys gardening, bird watching, fixing her house and exploring new opportunities to enjoy life.

Jody Hatch, MME ~ Mountain Management


Jody helps those around her gain the perspective and clarity they need to move mountains. She enjoys partnering with unique businesses and has the ability to cut through surface challenges to identify the true needs of those she supports.